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Dogs That Enjoy a Couch and Movie More Than a Yard and A Ball

May 24, 2023

All dogs enjoy the smell of fresh air, chasing a ball, and running in circles outside. After all, they are creatures who need exercise and sunlight, and the feeling of freedom. There are, however, some breeds of dogs that, despite needing some activity time outside, much prefer a day of relaxation on a couch with a blanket and their owner by their side. If you tend to fall in this category too and are considering a fur-legged friend, we have a list of pups that may be a perfect fit for you. The list we put together is wide in variety; however, they all share one common trait, the enjoyment of relaxation! 

The Bulldog is, well, a relaxed pup! This breed is a very social dog but also very set in its ways. Although he will enjoy some fresh air and the sounds of birds, he will be excited to get back inside and just relax. This breed is great for those who feel the same way and is known to make a great family pet. 

The French Bulldog is also a very laidback, let’s take a nap and relax kind of dog. This breed is known for his gentle snoring and happy-go-lucky personality. They do enjoy some outdoor activity time, however, do not do well in extremely hot or extremely cold climates. A few minutes of outdoor playtime and this pup will be headed right to his doggy bed (or lap) right after. 

Basset Hounds are another great family pet for those who would rather spend more indoor than outdoor time. This breed certainly does enjoy his free time under a tree and smelling the scents that surround him, but he also equally enjoys a soft blanket and nap. They are not highly energetic dogs and will quickly burn off extra energy with a twenty-minute walk. This breed is a family favorite to many and has been for generations. Dachshunds are energetic pups that do like to play outside but will be excited to get back in and take it easy. They love the company of their family and to share couch time with them. This breed is very popular because they are very loyal and tend to be happiest when their family is. Although this pup is not large in size, he will take over your entire couch if allowed!

The Pug likes to rest and likes to be comfortable. This breed is known for its great companion qualities and amazing ability to snuggle! They do enjoy being outside within reason but tend to prefer being snuggled up and in dreamland. This breed has made a great family pet for generations and will surely win your heart (and lap) in no time at all. 

Chihuahuas are adored by many and for many different reasons. This breed of dog is very easy to live with, does not require excessive amounts of exercise, and is a joy to be around. If you are more of a homebody and enjoy your Friday night with a movie at home and an early bedtime, this pup very well may be for you! With a warm blanket and soft couch, this pup will melt in happiness next to you! For generations, the Chihuahua has made an ideal companion for those who enjoy a couch over a late night out.  No matter which breed of dog you end up choosing, expect many years of a loving companion who will quickly bond with you. It’s always best to learn more about a dog breed before bringing one home to make sure his style of living and yours are compatible.

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